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Is the Horizon Group Business Finance Boutique a lender?
yes. The Horizon Group Business Finance Boutique is a specialist finance boutique that will work with customers to develop their business and to help them seek finance. We are Consultants and Agents for Lenders and Insurance Companies and Brokers and we also invest and lend.

What is the cost of an initial consultation?
We offer a FREE initial consultation to find out where we can best help you and to ensure that we utilise the best services. Free consultation is at our office. If you want a consultant to attend your place of business, a fixed fee will need to be agreed

Do you sign NDAS
No we offer our own terms in relation to confidentiality. There is no value to us in signing an NDA, it is doubtful that we will know what your project is and so we will not be able to understand what we can do to assist. NDA's can create a liability that is not acceptable when you are seeking assistance. In addition, we may be working with our client's with not dissimilar ideas and we can therefore not expose other clients to risk. Value in a project is the execution of an idea, that is what creates a viable business. If the idea itself is easy to execute so much so that it must be kept secret, then it is probably not very strong. We work on relationships founded on trust. NDA's is not very trusting before we agree involvement.

Do you have specialist consultants?
Yes, we have specialists in several fields in business such as, finance, business law, employment law, marketing, cash flow and trade finance, accountancy etc.

Do we have to attend an early informal meeting
Yes before we can set out terms, we would expect to meet all potential clients.

I have a business plan which I would like reviewed, can you help?
Yes we can review business plans at different levels and for different purposes. You should contact us with your specific request. We can also assist with marketing plans as well as offering do

Can your consultants travel to and work from our offices?
Yes depending on the case we can assign a consultant to form part of your team..

Do you offer your services around the world
Yes we are pleased to be able to offer our services around the world